A Pixie Dust Ministry

Have you ever had a nickname that really stuck because it fit your personality so well? I have a close friend from college who calls me Tinkerbell, though I’m sure the name fit better then, than it does now. I was quite flighty and overly perky, flitting here and there, leaving a bit of sparklyContinue reading “A Pixie Dust Ministry”

Capturing the Rebels

How often does an unnamed melancholy steal over our souls, leaving us dry and thirsty for something that we can not seem to find that will satisfy? Going through daily motions, we move as through fog, just doing the next task. Even spiritual things that once uplifted and poured life into our souls no longerContinue reading “Capturing the Rebels”

Rest Through Every Season

Seasons are a part of life.  They breeze into our lives, especially in Kansas where breezy is generally an understatement, and then they quietly give way to a new one.  Some seasons are more enjoyable than others.  I much prefer the sunny, mild days of spring to the harsh, icy days of winter.  But everyContinue reading “Rest Through Every Season”

Exploring the Depths

The Dead Sea is an incredibly unique body of water.  Water flows in from the Jordan River, but it never flows out.  Signs around the water’s edge remind swimmers to seek help if water is swallowed or splashed in the eyes.  The brackish water leaves a pungent smell on clothes and shoes.  “No fishing” signsContinue reading “Exploring the Depths”

The Abiding Satisfaction of Forgiveness

The Garden Tomb that fit all of the descriptions of Scripture allowed us entry via the opening in the stone. Looking to the right, once we walked in, we could see the stone bench that bordered the wall on three sides, and the walkway into the middle of the benches. Now there are metal barsContinue reading “The Abiding Satisfaction of Forgiveness”