Savoring His Word

What is it about sweet things that sets our mouths to watering? Imagine your favorite dessert: the texture, the flavor, the temperature. Can you taste it? Do you just wish you could indulge in eating it right now? What if you had the opportunity to eat it at this moment? Would you savor that firstContinue reading “Savoring His Word”

Taking Time to Hear Him

Rumors swirl like wildfire, loud voices and unthinking actions fill unending news cycles, and social media notifications chime at every spouted opinion.  There is noise from every corner of life pounding our ears to listen, to react, to notice.  It is a cacophony of chaos that fills hearts with stress and tension.  We become carefulContinue reading “Taking Time to Hear Him”

Reaching the Summit

Like most others across the United States, my children finished up their last nine weeks of school at home.  Our private Christian schoolteachers went above and beyond the call of duty, recreating their curriculum and teaching methods to continue to press their students to finish the year well.  Of course, the end of the schoolContinue reading “Reaching the Summit”

The Value of a Life Given Away

My mother has always had a listening ear.  She encouraged me, prayed for me and with me, and reminded me of what God’s Word had to say when I did not know which way to go.  Her ability to make little money stretch to great lengths etched early into my mind the worth of aContinue reading “The Value of a Life Given Away”

Petals of Praise

If April showers bring May flowers, then our April prayers surely brought forth some May praises.  As I looked back over the prayer requests from last month, many of them were answered so quickly.  I’m thankful for the many who have recovered from illness, those who were kept safe from getting ill, the Lord’s provisionContinue reading “Petals of Praise”

To Our Chief Musician

There is an intriguing story of a famous violin crafted in 1731 by the world-renowned Antonio Stradivari. Shortly before Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, a young Jewish prodigy named Bronislaw Huberman put into motion a plan to gather Jewish musicians from all over Europe and create a musical presence in Palestine. In his effortsContinue reading “To Our Chief Musician”