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When my father in love moved to live with us, we wanted him to have his own space.  We hired a builder to attach an apartment to our house.  The builder made the blueprints for the apartment, and then followed them to the letter as it took shape.  The process took time, several months, in fact, but the final result was a sturdy, comfortable place that looks exactly like the builder intended when he started. 

Every wise woman buildeth her house:
but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

Proverbs 14:1

The first time I came across this passage my eyes locked on the word “buildeth.”  If there is a doing-word in Scripture, that seems to be the one that I find first.  It sent me into planning mode on how I could build like the wise builder.  What activities could I add?  How could I shape my children into what they should be?  Do you see those “I’s”?  The Lord sent me back to look at the verse again and highlighted the words “wise” and “foolish” for me.  Immediately, the parable from Matthew 7 came to mind with its own vivid word picture.

 In verses 24-27, we read of a parable Jesus told of a wise builder who heard Jesus’ sayings and then did what Jesus said to do.  When the storms came, that man’s house stood because it stood fast on the foundation of Truth.  But the foolish man heard the same sayings of Jesus.  He knew what he should have done, but he did not do what he knew to do.  He thought doing things his way here and there would not make a big difference.  His house went up without the Truth as its solid foundation.  So, of course, this house faced destruction when the storms came. 

God’s Word is our blueprint for building.  My plans, my thoughts, my ways might get a building up off the ground, but it will not be what God intended, and it will not stand when the storms come. In fact, I can tell you that there a few things that I did throw out of the building plans when my children were growing up.  By my own testimony, I will tell you that when the storms came, parts of my house fell down.  But there were some parts  that were built on Truth that still remained.  God’s grace allowed for some rebuilding and remodeling in those fallen places.  Praise the Lord, it does not have to be permanent destruction, but it is so much better to follow God’s plans to begin with.

I have been working on a project through Proverbs for the month of June.  Because Proverbs has a chapter for each day,(there will be an extra day this month), there is a “ticket” with questions for each corresponding chapter.  I want to instill in my children the importance of spending time in God’s Word every day, and not just reading to check it off of their list.   Hopefully, these questions will encourage us to consider what the Lord is teaching. We can discuss them as we work through them together or later, if we work individually.  I will make the downloadable copy available for those who would like to use them, as well.   Just click on the download button below.

 There is no substitute for God’s Word, there is nowhere else to find His “Blueprints.”  The wise builder studies the “Blueprints” for herself and keeps the end result in mind as she builds. My prayer is that this will be a blessing to you!

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  1. So, so thankful for God’s grace! 💕 I am currently reading through Proverbs in my chronological plan for this year. So much wisdom. Thank you for the June download. I have enjoyed reading the passages daily for May. I think I missed three or four days. 😉

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