Satisfied At The Well

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Building Wisdom

When my father in love moved to live with us, we wanted him to have his own space.  We hired a builder to attach an apartment to our house.  The builder made the blueprints for the apartment, and then followed them to the letter as it took shape.  The process took time, several months, inContinue reading “Building Wisdom”

Acceptable Praise

The winds fold the green stalks down in half before springing them back upright.  Heavy clouds blanket the sky mottled with bits of sunshine weaving their last wisps of light throughout.  Golden hues of fire paint their final strokes just upon the distant horizon.  The heavens rest in their evening declaration of God’s glory, butContinue reading “Acceptable Praise”

Reaching the Summit

Like most others across the United States, my children finished up their last nine weeks of school at home.  Our private Christian schoolteachers went above and beyond the call of duty, recreating their curriculum and teaching methods to continue to press their students to finish the year well.  Of course, the end of the schoolContinue reading “Reaching the Summit”

About Me

I’m Erica and I love coffee, coffee, and more coffee, with a splash of half and half in every cup, any time before 4 pm. I need coffee, you see, because 3 girls:21, 18, 12; and 1 boy:16; call me mom. There is also a high school exchange student and a dog, with frequent comings and going of various friends, and a father-in-law who lives next door. And last, but definitely not least, there is an amazingly handsome man who spoils me far more than a girl could ever dream of who calls me “Hon.” That would be my husband if you’re not following me.
But even with all of these blessings, and ALL of that coffee, this girl held a whole lot of longings in her heart: longings for joy, longings for love, longings for contentment…the list goes on. There was only one place to go, One Person, really. I found the One who satisfies my soul at the Well that flows with His Living Water. Pop in anytime and let’s have coffee over the Word together.